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food styling stylist
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food for thought

Ellen Lucas is a freelance food stylist with over 15 years of experience in the preparation of
food for film and photography. Ellen’s extensive experience enables her to assemble the right team
for any job; her familiarity with the requirements and resources of the industry
assures that the need for any equipment and supplies is not overlooked.

Ellen’s attention-grabbing, mouth-watering work has been providing a feast for the eyes of
food lovers and consumers alike, appearing in some of the most respected industry publications,
in cookbooks, on packaging and in national TV and print advertising.

Ellen is a graduate of the New York Restaurant School and grew up in New York City, where the
unique multicultural environment translates into the temptations of the world’s most sophisticated
culinary delicacies: this is the trend-setting place where food becomes culture.
In New York City, Ellen’s love for food matured into more than a profession, it became her passion,
hobby, entertainment, art, science, challenge…

In a profession populated by generalists, Ellen has instead specialized in the styling of
food for tabletop and live-action TV commercials, satisfying the needs and desires of the most
renown and demanding clients for food that goes beyond beauty, at times becoming
an exotic journey, an experience, a lifestyle or an indulgence.

But words can hardly describe what pictures can so eloquently convey, so go ahead and let your
eyes be seduced by Ellen’s irresistible food.